Since this is my first post here, I will share to you some facts about the creator of this blog.

My real name is Joyce Fretz. I’m 90’s kid. I have only 1 brother. No sister. My mother told me that my first word is tata, should be tatay (father). A graduate of BSBA major in Business Economics but working in Construction Company in Middle East. My first work was in logistics, as customer service agent. Wife, not yet a mother. I got married at age of 24.

I like any shade of blue and pink. I love music – – Taylor Swift, MYMP, country and old songs – 80’s or 90’s songs. I spend most of my money in books. Started to collect books last July 2014. Book-hoarder. 80% of my collected books are to-be-read. The first book I read is Heaven by V. C. Andrews. I’m not that good in English. When I’m bored, I play Sudoku.

I’m not a morning person. I don’t drink coffee or tea.. just water and juice. Love Chinese and Korean foods. Siomai, kimchi, sushi and any dumplings are my favorites. Like to collect souvenirs and paper bills from other countries. I want to go in other Asian countries. Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan and Singapore… Also, Europe, UK and US. I don’t wear jewelries and make-ups (just lipstick)… so uncomfortable… even heels!

Sometimes, I’m sarcastic… but I’m friendly.

Nice to meet you all!




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